What Is a Cursive Font in Figma?

A Cursive font, or how the pretentious people like to call it "Script Typeface" is a font inspired by physical cursive handwriting (like caligraphic) and it's been around since forever (like 300 years, when they invented writing - probably, I don't know).

And obviously there's plenty of Cursive fonts in Figma. In this short post we'll go trough the most popular Cursive font families and hopefully you'll find them useful.

But before we start let's address the puffy elephant in the room and explain that most of the fonts used in Figma are from the Google Fonts Library so you can visit the website, toggle the font style you're after and find as many Cursive font families as you want:

Best Cursive Fonts in Figma?

Now this is going to be a highly subjective list, so take it with a grain of salt but I'll try to come up with some fonts that I personally like. If you don't like them, that's fine - not everyone was born with good taste.

Let's start with Great Vibes

The font was designed by Robert Leuschke, and he also designed more Cursive fonts which I haven't honestly checked if they're all available in Figma but maybe you can do it: Allura, Playball, Alex Brush, Italianno, Arizonia.ย 

Actually never mind, we'll just go trough all of them.

Second Cursive font, called Allura

Third Cursive Font, called Playball

Cursive font called Alex Brush

Another font, calledย Italianno

And another one, called Arizonia

I'm just kidding, there's no more another one. But honestly it's just really easy to find Cursive fonts in Figma. Just open the fonts popup and scroll until you find something that resembles a pretentiously calligraphic handwriting:

It's really not that hard (that's what she said). But for the sake of being a nice person on the internet I will make a long list with Cursive fonts but I can't promise you'll find them all in Figma.ย 

Here goes nothing - a list with Cursive fonts in Figma (probably):ย Creattion, Precious, Chopin Script, Autumn in November, I love Glitter, ALS Script, Crock Script, Billy Argel Font, Candy INC, Sacramento, Bkacksword, Monsieur La Doulaise, Streetwear, Brotherhood Script, Aguafina Script, Bold Stylish Calligraphy, Stylish Calligraphy, Handycheera, Parisienne, Darleston, Arabella, Aurella.

Good luck and have fun using fonts that people will have a hard time reading.

July 1, 2023

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