What font is Friends logo in Canva?

Yeah so Friends is like the greatest and funnies TV show ever. I wouldn't know because I never watched it. But I did watch Sopranos like a dozen times but that's besides the point. 

The point is there is no font that's identical to the friends logo font in Canva. So we're going to figure out an alternative.

The first option to getting a Friends look is to use a custom font called Gabriel Weiss. You download it from dafont, then you upload it in Canva and then use it. 

The only problem is that you're only able to upload fonts if you have a PRO subscription.

So how do I get the Friends font for free?

You can't. Your only option is to use a font that's available in Canva and both free to use. I've made a short video that goes into more details and I came to the conclusion that the closest I could find was a font called Ananias.
Unfortunately it's not italic so it doesn't look exactly like the Friends font.

Of course you could create new layers for each individual layer and rotate it yourself a bit until it looks more italicized but that's going to take a bit of effort.

So once you're done with the font you can start creating the circles from within the letters and make them the respective color by using the color picker tool.

How do I get the actual Friends logo in Canva?

If you just want the actual Friends logo, simply drag this image below into your Canva editor. Or right click, Save As -> pick a destination. Then in Canva go to Upload and select your logo.

To summarize

If you want the actual font used in the Friends logo then you can either use a font called Gabriel Weiss but you will have to manually upload it in Canva and to do that you'll need a PRO account.

The free option is to use a font called Ananias which arguably doesn't look as close to the original logo but it might fool a few people. 

July 11, 2023

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