Is Figma free version good enough?

As a UI/UX designer with 8 years of freelancing experience, I've been using the free version of Figma, and I haven't run into any issues so far.

Despite its limitations, I've managed to do just fine with it. Let's dive into the details to understand if the free version of Figma is enough for you as well.

Benefits of Figma Free Version

The free version of Figma is an excellent starting point for designers, especially those who are just getting started or working on personal projects. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Access to the core design and prototyping features.
  • Ability to collaborate with others in real-time.
  • Cloud storage for your design files.
  • Unlimited public projects.

Limitations of Figma Free Version

While the free version offers several useful features, it does come with some limitations. These limitations might become more noticeable as your design projects grow in complexity and scale. Some of the main limitations are:

  • Only 3 editors can collaborate in a file simultaneously.
  • Limited cloud storage space
  • No access to version history over 30 days
  • No advanced features like team libraries

When to Consider Upgrading

If you're currently on the free Figma plan and wondering when to consider upgrading, here are some indicators:

  • Your design projects are becoming more complex, and you need additional storage and collaboration options.
  • You want access to advanced features like team libraries to maintain consistency across projects.
  • Version history is becoming crucial for your design process.
  • You're working with a team, and the 3-editor limitation is hindering productivity.


As a UI/UX designer, I've been successfully using the free version of Figma for my freelance projects for many years. While there are limitations, it's still a powerful tool that can get the job done, especially for personal projects or smaller scale work. As your design needs evolve, you might find it beneficial to upgrade to a paid plan to unlock more advanced features and capabilities.

July 17, 2023

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