How to use Adobe Fonts in Canva

Ok, just like the Figma guide I wrote before this one, taking fonts out of Adobe Creative Cloud is going to involve a few steps, because Adobe simply doesn't want you to do it. Luckily I don't really care about Adobe's feelings.

So let's get started. You can either read the blog post or you can watch my video below which covers and explains how to get the fonts into Canva.

Just keep in mind from the very start that you are able to upload custom fonts in Canva only if you have a PRO subscriptionIf you don't, then you can stop reading this post. 

How to get Adobe fonts in Canva?

First thing you're going to do is log into your Adobe Creative Cloud account and wait until you get a notification saying that your fonts have been activated:

After that you will need to start looking for the font folder. Below are the addresses depending on your operating system:

For Adobe Fonts Location You're Going to go to Either:

  • Windows User: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r
  • MAC User: $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/CoreSync/plugins/livetype/. r/

*Side note: it's all on one line, the browser might break them in more depending on your screen size.

You should be looking at a list of encrypted font files which you will copy and then paste into a new folder:

Then you're going to right click individually and add .otf to each one of the files.

This will convert them to actually installable and functional fonts and will be importable in Canva. Like these bad boys:


Uploading your fonts to Canva:

Simply select any text layer, click on the current font from the top bar. After that go to the bottom of the dropdown and you should see an upload button (it will only be unlocked if you are a PRO user).

Click on it, select the fonts you just found from the Adobe folder, click import and you're good to use Adobe fonts in Canva. 

June 28, 2023

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