How do I get SF Pro Font in Figma?

If you're looking to use the SF Pro font in Figma, follow these steps to easily integrate it into your design workflow.

Step 1: Download the Font

The first step is to obtain the SF Pro font. You can do this by visiting the Apple Developer website or other reputable sources that offer the font for download. Make sure you are using a legitimate source to avoid any potential issues.

Step 2: Install the Font on Your Operating System

Once you have downloaded the SF Pro font, install it on your operating system. The process might vary depending on your OS (macOS or Windows), but generally, you can:

  • On macOS: Double-click the font file and select "Install Font" from the preview window.
  • On Windows: Right-click the font file, then choose "Install" from the context menu.

Step 3: Figma Desktop App

If you're using the Figma desktop app, you're all set! Figma will automatically detect and utilize the installed SF Pro font in your projects.

Step 4: Using SF Pro Font in Figma Web Version

If you're using the web version of Figma, follow these additional steps:

  • Visit the Figma website and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the project where you want to use the SF Pro font.
  • Download and Install the Figma Font Installer provided by Figma. You can find this on the Figma website, usually in the resources or downloads section.
  • Run the Font Installer to ensure proper integration between the SF Pro font and Figma's web version.
  • After installation, reload the Figma project, and the SF Pro font should now be available for use.


With the SF Pro font properly installed on your operating system, you can seamlessly use it in your Figma projects, whether you're using the desktop app or the web version with the Font Installer.

Remember to respect font licenses and usage rights when downloading and using fonts in your design work.

August 15, 2023

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