Figma: Most Frequently asked Questions

I decided to create a list with the most popular frequently asked questions about Figma and I will continue to update this thread as often as I can. 

The goal is to answer your question as short and efficient as possible. The bad thing is this page will gradually increase in size so I recommend you either use the search form on the left to see if your question appears in this thread or simply hit CTRL/COMMAND + F in browser and search for your question.

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Can I Learn Figma on My Own?

  • Yes, obviously. There are thousands of free courses or Youtube tutorials you can look up and learn Figma all by yourself.

Where Can I Get Icons for Figma?

  • You can search for open source SVG or PNG icons sets on Google or simply use Figma plugins - like Iconify for example which has all the most popular free icon packs. 

How do I get Figma templates?

  • Compared to Canva for example which has millions of pre-made templates, Figma doesn't have that many set templates but there are websites that offer free resources like: or - but you can also check the Figma's official website and they have a community section which has quite a few free layouts, plugins and templates you can use.

What is the Fastest way to Wireframe in Figma?

  • I don't know. I suppose the fastest way to wireframe is to not wireframe at all. As a UI/UX designer I see this trend where designers skip the wireframing process all-together and get straight into designing the actual page/product. Wireframing in my opinion only makes sense when you're getting paid by the hour or there's a lot of brainstorming and a big team involved with different ideas. 
  • Even if you design a structure as a wireframe, you might come later on come to the conclusion that the UI simply doesn't look that great based on that initial wireframe, so you either adapt your UI or redo the wireframe and that takes effort. (but that's just me)

Is Figma good for Mobile Design?

  • Figma is great for UI/UX design, web and mobile. Yes, as far as I know Figma is considered to be the industry standard for design nowadays so I would say it's good for mobile design too.

Is Figma good for Mockups?

  • Depends what you mean by Mockups. If you mean prototyping then yes, Figma is one of the best software for designing prototypes. 
    If you mean mockups as in like Photoshop mockups where you download a PSD file and add your mobile app screen and you end up with a 3d iphone that has your design then probably no - I would say stick with Photoshop. 

What is Figma education plan?

  • It's a program they run where you get free access if you're a verified teacher or a student. You can read more or apply by looking it up on their website.

What is the difference between Figma and FigJam?

  • FigJam is a sub-product of Figma and it's mostly used for site-mapping and creating user flows or roadmaps. 

Is Figma free version enough?

  • I'm a UI/UX designer and have been freelancing for the past 8 years. I'm still on the free Figma plan. Yes there are limitations and they will only get worse as time goes by, but at the moment I'm doing just fine with just the free version. 

Can I use Figma for free forever?

  • Yes, the free plan doesn't expire. 

What file formats does Figma use?

  • You can import PNG, SVG, JPG, WEBP files. You can also import GIFs and even MP4 or video files which will run in your prototype. 
  • You can only export as PNG, SVG, JPG or PDF at the moment. 

Where are the Material Design icons in Figma?

  • They're not in the software by default but they are available in a plugin called Iconify which you can run by going to plugins and pretty much searching for it.

Is Figma for Mac free?

  • Yes.

How long does Figma take to learn?

  • Depends of your experience level in design. If you're coming from Adobe XD - probably a few days. If you have no previous design knowledge then probably a few weeks to get a grip on the software and a few months to understand and start using all its features. 
  • To call yourself a professional designer probably a few years. 

Is Figma widely used?

  • Figma is the most popular UI/UX design tool as of 2023.

What are plugins in Figma?

  • They are community made tools which are free or paid that you can use to add extra features and functionality to the Figma software.

Where are Figma components?

  • To create a component simply select your layer, right click and Create Component. On the left side in the layers panel you will see that the components have a different icon next to them so they will be easily noticeable. 

Where does Figma get its fonts?

  • Most of the fonts in Figma are from the Google Font Library. 

Why is Figma so expensive?

  • Figma is literally free to use. If you can't afford a subscription you can always simply use the free plan. 

Is Figma free or Paid?

  • Both. 

Is there a perspective tool in Figma?

  • Not by default but there are plugins which you can use to flip your layers in 3d space. I think one of them is even called Perspective. 

Can you export Figma to code?

  • No, not by default and most plugins available won't make your design responsive so they are pretty much useless. There are 3rd party websites like framer that export your design to a fully functional website but you have to design using their components and structure.

Can you make motion graphics in Figma?

  • Not by default but there are plugins that let you create animations, yes. Also there is a thing called Auto Animate which animates your prototype but it's limited. 

Is Figma good for Instagram?

  • If you're looking to design just Instagram or social media banners then I'd just stick with Canva.

Where are Figma servers?

  • All over the world.

Who founded Figma?

  • Dylan Field.

Can Figma do Responsive Design?

  • Yes, there is an auto layout option which you can use to make your layers responsive. 

Can I change Figma shortcuts?

  • No. 

Does Figma have Charts?

  • Not by default, you can use plugins which auto generate charts though. Just search for charts in the plugin panel.

How do you practice Figma?

  • You simply design new things every single day until you get better and better. 

Is Figma a Japanese Company?

  • No but they might have offices in Japan. 

Is FigJam free with Figma?

  • No. They have separate prices.

What are red lines in Figma?

  • They are guidelines which you can use to align your layers better. 

What is a Design System in Figma?

  • It's a complete guideline for a product which you can use to create new pages, features or sections using the pre-made components.

What is a Frame in Figma?

  • A frame is basically a page or a screen.

Can I convert Figma to XD?

  • Not directly, there are online paid services that do it though. 

Can I use Figma on a tablet?

  • Yes.

Can you export figma to HTML and CSS?

  • No, not directly and the plugins available don't do such a good job. 

Do designers like Figma?

  • Yes, I think most of them do. Figma does a lot of things right so there haven't been a lot of complains. 

Does Figma have an API?

  • Yes, they have one which can be used to create plugins. 

How do you make a Phone mockup in Figma?

  • Go to prototype -> settings and you should see an option to add a Phone frame around your design. 

What is Wireframing in Figma?

  • It's the process of creating low fidelity sketches of a product or a website which you can later use to polish your final design of the prototype. 

What is Scale in Figma?

  • It's the resize tool. Once enabled it keeps your layers proportionate so that no matter how much you increase or decrease, the fonts and the layer remain constrained to the initial relative proportions. 

Where is the arc tool in Figma?

  • To create an arc go to shapes, then select the elipse tool. Create your circle then drag one side until you end up with half of a circle. After that simply add a stroke and remove the fill and you end up with an arc. 
    There is no standalone arc tool.

Can Figma create prototypes?

  • Yes, and there are a lot of features you can use to animate and make the prototype look as real as possible. 

Does Figma use Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap is a CSS framework, so no. Figma doesn't use it. Although you can use Bootstrap's icon pack in Figma. 

Can you use Font Awesome in Figma?

  • Yes, you can use a plugin called Iconify or a plugin called Font Awesome. They both have the icon Pack. 

Can you use Figma for print?

  • Yes, but it's not a design tool created for print design so some features might not be available, like special color codes. 

Can you do a Gradient in Figma?

  • Yes, Figma supports gradients. 

Does Figma work with Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap is a CSS framework, Figma is a design and prototyping tool. They don't have anything in common. But yes you can design using the Bootstrap's style guideline - I'm pretty sure there are community made components done for Boostrap in Figma. 

Is Figma an App?

  • Figma is a web based software but they also have a standalone app for Android and iOS you can use.

Is Figma as good as Adobe?

  • Adobe recently bought Figma. Adobe also has a bundle of design products so you can't really compare one product against a dozen of products. But the direct competitor Adobe XD is inferior to Figma if that answers your question.
  • It will probably be discontinued in the near future if I were to guess. 

Is Figma collaborative?

  • Yes, multiple designers can work on the same file at the same time. 

Is Figma owned by Google?

  • No. 

Is there a Color Picker in Figma?

  • Yes, go to the right panel, chose either Fill or Stroke, click on the actual color and then you'll be able to see a color picker tool. 

What are drafts in Figma?

  • Drafts are personal files which are not shared with anyone else. 

What is Stroke in Figma?

  • It's the border around your layer.

Where are Figma files stored?

  • In the cloud or manually on your computer. 

Can Figma export to PPT?

  • Not directly. You can use plugins though. 

Can Figma export CMYK?

  • Not directly, you can use plugins though. 

Can Figma export SVG?

  • Yes, select your layer, on the right side you'll see export options. Chose SVG from the dropdown list of export options. 

Does Figma support MP4?

  • Yes, you can upload short videos that will run in the prototype. 

Can Figma viewers comment?

  • Yes, if you have access to the prototype link you can Login and and leave comments or request to edit the Figma file.

Can I convert XD to Figma?

  • Not directly, there are paid services on the internet that do it but are relatively expensive.

Can I create a website with Figma?

  • Figma is a prototyping tool which means at most you will be able to create a prototype of an actual website. A developer will have to use your prototype and actually implement your design with code.

Can I do wireframing in Figma?

  • Yes, Figma is an excellent wireframing tool. 

Can I export vectors from Figma?

  • Yes, you can export both as SVG or PDF which support vector layers. 

Can I make resume in Figma?

  • Yes, you can design your resume in Figma or use premade templates made in Canva which are arguably easier to use. 

Can I use Figma to design?

  • Yes, Figma is a design tool. It's mostly used by UI/UX designers.

Can I use my fonts in Figma?

  • Yes, if you're using the desktop Figma version all you have to do is install new fonts on your operating system and they will get picked up by Figma automatically. If you're on the web version you will need to install the Figma Font Installer from their website.

Can we download Figma?

  • Yes, Figma is both a web app and a standalone installable software which can be used on Windows, iOS or Linux or on mobile devices.

Can you convert Figma to Illustrator?

  • Not directly but you can export from Figma as SVG and import the SVG files in Illustrator. 

Can you export Figma prototype as GIF?

  • Not directly. You can use software like OBS to screen record and export the recording as a GIF but you will probably end up with large sized files. 

Can you export PNG from Figma?

  • Yes, you can. Simply select your layer, go to export and select PNG from the export dropdown list.

Can you get certified in Figma?

  • While Figma doesn't directly offer certifications, you can use 3rd party platforms that offer courses and certifications. 

Can you import Figma into Framer?

  • Yes, there is a Framer plugin you can use to export directly from Figma into a fully working website in Framer but you will have to use their component structure and layout for it to work. 

Can you import Figma into After Effects?

  • While there is no .AE extension you can export your layers either as PNG or SVG and import them in After Effects and use them. 

Can you import Sketch files into Figma?

  • Yes, Figma supports Sketch files and you can simply open the file in Figma. Just go to File -> New from Sketch File. 

Can you lock Guides in Figma?

  • You cannot lock them. 

Can you make GIFs in Figma?

  • Not directly but you can use plugins to export as GIF or as MP4 or different video file types. 

Can you make a grid in Figma?

  • Yes, simply select your frame or layer and on the right panel you should see Grid settings. Simply click on the grid + icon and customize your grid size and colors. 

Can you make an App in Figma?

  • Figma is a prototyping tool. While you can design an app, you will still need a developer to actually implement your design into a functional software. 

Can you make folders in Figma?

  • Yes, you can make folders for your teams but if you're on the free plan you are limited to only one team.

Do you need an account to use Figma?

  • You don't need an account to view prototypes but you need one to be able to leave comments or make edits. 

Does Anima work with Figma?

  • Yes, Anima has a Figma plugin you can use to export your design to a working website.

Does Apple use Sketch or Figma?

  • Sketch is MacOS exclusive so it would make sense that they use Sketch instead of Figma.

Does Figma generate HTML and CSS?

  • It does generate CSS but a developer will have to create the actual code, you won't be able to simply export the CSS to a fully working website because the design won't be responsive. 

Does Figma have chat?

  • Figma lets you add comments so designers can get feedback from clients or communicate with each other if there are more people working on the same file.

Does Figma have a mobile app?

  • Yes, you can use it to view prototypes and leave comments. You're not able to make actual edits to a file on mobile. 

Does Figma have sticky notes?

  • FigJam has sticky notes, Figma only lets you leave comments on the page but they don't look like sticked notes. There are plugins though you can use to create sticky notes in Figma. 

Does Figma have text styles?

  • Figma lets you customize the text however you want but by default it doesn't have premade styles. You can design them yourself. 

Does Figma support Apple pencil?

  • Yes, it does. 

Does Figma support animated GIFs?

  • Yes, you can import GIFs in your Figma file and they will run as animations in the actual prototype.

Does Figma work with Wordpress?

  • There is no direct link between Figma and Wordpress. One is a graphic design tool, other is a CMS. If you want to export your Figma design to a Wordpress website you will need a developer to do it.

Does Figma work with Sketch?

  • Yes. Figma works with Sketch files.

How can I work at Figma?

  • Contact them and ask if they're hiring and send them your resume. 

How do I preview Figma on my phone?

  • Either use the standalone app they have or simply just get the prototype URL and open it in the mobile browser. 

How do I add Figma to my desktop?

  • Figma has a standalone installable version so you can simply install it on your operating system and use it. 

How do I add auto layout in Figma?

  • Select your layer and click on Add Auto Layout. Then on the right panel you should see extra options related to auto layout. 

How do I convert PSD to Figma?

  • You cannot directly. You can use paid online convertor tools but they are pretty costly. Another option would be to either export the design as PNG or SVG and add it in Figma.

How do I crop an image in Figma?

  • Select the image, go to Fill on the right side panel. Click on the image then switch from Fill to Crop. 

How do I download fonts to Figma?

  • Download actual TTF or OTF files from the internet then install them on your operating system. Figma will add them automatically in the app. If you're using the web version you need to install the Figma Font Installer which you can find on their website. 

How do I export a Figma file?

  • Click on File -> Export or simply hit CTRL + SHIFT + E.

How do I get SF Pro Font in Figma?

  • You download the font, you install it on your operating system and Figma will pick it up automatically. If you use the web version of Figma you will need to install the Font Installer from their website.

How do I get better at Figma?

  • You practice.

How do I Save a Figma prototype as PDF?

  • Select all the frames that make the prototype and on the right side go to Export and chose PDF. 

How do I save a Figma file Locally?

  • Go to File -> Save Local Copy.

How do I turn my Figma design into an app?

  • You'll have to hire a developer to do it. There is no magic plugin. 
July 15, 2023

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