Can you make a grid in Figma?

Figma allows you to create custom grids to maintain consistency and alignment in your designs. Grids are particularly useful when designing layouts for websites, mobile apps, or any other design that requires structured organization.

Follow these simple steps to create a grid in Figma:

  1. Open your Figma project: If you haven't already, log in to your Figma account and open the design file where you want to create the grid.
  2. Select your frame or layer: Identify the frame or layer in which you want to add the grid. This will define the area where the grid will be displayed.
  3. Access the Grid settings: On the right-hand panel of the Figma interface, you will find the "Design" tab. Click on it to expand the design settings options.
  4. Find the Grid option: Within the design settings, you'll see a section called "Grid" which is dedicated to managing grid-related properties for the selected frame or layer.
  5. Add a new grid: In the "Grid" section, you'll notice a small "+" icon. Click on it to add a new grid to your selected frame or layer.
  6. Customize your grid: Once you've added the grid, you can start customizing its appearance and behavior to suit your design needs. You can adjust the grid size, grid lines color, spacing between the lines, and even define how many columns or rows the grid should have.
  7. Align objects to the grid: With the grid in place, you can easily align your design elements to the grid by dragging them close to the grid lines. This will ensure that all your objects are neatly arranged and visually consistent.
  8. Toggle the grid visibility: At times, you might want to hide the grid temporarily to have a clearer view of your design. You can do this by clicking on the eye icon next to the grid in the "Grid" section. This will toggle the grid's visibility on and off without affecting its settings.

Using grids in Figma not only helps you create well-organized designs, but it also speeds up your workflow by providing a structured layout to work with.

Whether you're designing UI elements, wireframes, or complex interface layouts, utilizing grids ensures that your design elements align harmoniously, resulting in a polished and professional look.

July 25, 2023

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