Can you lock Guides in Figma?

Figma is a popular design tool used for creating user interfaces, illustrations, and prototypes. It offers various features to enhance the design process, including the use of guides to align and position elements accurately.

Guides in Figma are non-printing lines that help designers align objects precisely on the canvas. These guides are particularly useful when you need to maintain consistent spacing, alignment, and proportions between elements in your design.

However, unlike some other design tools, Figma does not provide a direct option to lock guides in place. This means that guides can be accidentally moved or adjusted even after setting them up for your design.

To avoid unintentional adjustments to guides, it's essential to be cautious when working on your Figma project. You can also consider using grids, frames, and layout constraints to maintain consistent design alignment without solely relying on guides.

Remember that Figma regularly updates its features, so it's possible that guide-locking functionality might be introduced in future versions. Always stay updated with the latest release notes to ensure you are aware of any new features or changes to the software.


In conclusion, while you cannot lock guides in Figma at the time of writing this tutorial, there are various other tools and techniques available within the software to help you achieve precise and consistent designs.

July 25, 2023

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