Can you do a Gradient in Figma?

Gradients are a powerful design element that allows you to smoothly transition between two or more colors, creating visually appealing and dynamic effects. In Figma, you can easily apply gradients to shapes, text, and other objects to enhance your designs.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open Figma: If you haven't already, download and install Figma from their official website. Sign in or create a new account to get started.
  2. Create or Open a Project: Once you're in Figma, either create a new project or open an existing one where you want to work with gradients.
  3. Select an Object: To apply a gradient, you need to have an object on your canvas. It can be a shape, text, or an image.
  4. Open the Fill Panel: On the right side of the Figma interface, you'll find the Fill panel. It's represented by a color wheel icon.
  5. Choose Gradient Fill: In the Fill panel, click on the color swatch to open the color options. Select the "Gradient" tab to access the gradient fill options.
  6. Create a Gradient: You can either choose from pre-defined gradients or create a custom one. To create a custom gradient, click on the color stops to set the colors and their positions along the gradient.
  7. Adjust Gradient Stops: You can modify the gradient by adding or removing color stops. Drag the stops to change their position and adjust the colors as needed to achieve the desired effect.
  8. Change Gradient Angle (Optional): If you want to change the direction of the gradient, you can do so by dragging the gradient angle control.
  9. Modify Opacity (Optional): You can also adjust the opacity of the gradient fill using the opacity slider.
  10. Apply Gradient: Once you're satisfied with the gradient settings, apply it to your selected object by clicking outside the color options or pressing the "Enter" key.

What Are Gradients?

Gradients are a visual representation of a smooth transition between two or more colors. They can be linear, radial, or angular, depending on how the colors blend together. Gradients are commonly used in design to add depth, dimension, and visual interest to various elements such as backgrounds, buttons, icons, and illustrations. They are an essential tool for creating modern and eye-catching designs.


Gradients are a versatile design tool that Figma fully supports. By following the steps in this tutorial, you can easily apply gradients to your design elements and elevate your projects to a new level of creativity and attractiveness.

July 20, 2023

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