Can Figma viewers comment?

Yes, if you have access to the prototype link you can login and leave comments or request to edit the Figma file.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Make sure you have the prototype link: To view or interact with a Figma file, you need the URL of the prototype shared by the owner or someone with editing permissions.
  2. Open the Figma prototype link: Click on the provided URL to open the Figma prototype in your web browser.
  3. Sign in or create an account: If you already have a Figma account, sign in using your credentials. Otherwise, create a new account by providing the required information.
  4. Accessing the commenting feature: Once you are logged in and viewing the Figma prototype, you should be able to see various commenting options. These options usually include adding comments, suggesting changes, or requesting edit access, depending on the permissions granted to you.
  5. Leaving comments: To leave a comment on a specific element or area of the design, click on the appropriate location within the prototype. A commenting sidebar or window will appear, allowing you to type your comment.
  6. Requesting edit access: If you want to make changes to the Figma file itself, you can request edit access. Look for the "Request Edit Access" button or similar option within the Figma interface. This will notify the file owner or editor, who can then grant you the necessary permissions.
  7. Collaborating with others: Figma allows real-time collaboration, so multiple users can view and work on the same design simultaneously. This makes it easier to share ideas, iterate on designs, and provide feedback.


Figma viewers can indeed comment on the design and request edit access, provided they have the prototype link and are logged in with the appropriate permissions. This collaborative feature makes Figma an excellent platform for team collaboration and feedback during the design process.

July 25, 2023

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